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April 2010:

Torque Developments International chooses Turbo Dynamics (www.turbodynamics.co.uk) as strategic partner for the supply of hybrid and high performance turbochargers.

Mark Catchpole (MD of Torque Developments International) says; “Turbo Dynamics has consistently demonstrated the ability to build turbochargers to meet our specific design criteria, so we are therefore very pleased to announce this relationship”.

April 2010:

Following on from recent success with the Vanquish, Torque Developments International begins development of chassis dynamics improvements on the Aston Martin V8 Vantage.

March 2010:

Torque Developments International complete an analysis, development and testing of it’s geometry optimisation for the Aston Martin Vanquish.

Read more....

January 2010:

Torque Developments International plc is delighted to be exhibiting at the Autosports International Show at the NEC, Birmingham, January 14th – 17th.

The centrepiece of TDi’s stand will be the Hoffman’s of Henley / Chris Randall Lotus Europa GT Cup car, which proved to be a real giant killer in British GT racing in 2009. This will be attached to TDi’s ultra accurate Rototest VPA-R hub dynomometer, a standard setting piece of equipment, with unparalleled accuracy and repeatability.

In addition, TDi-plc is excited to be exhibiting the 237bhp Honda Civic Type R MUGEN concept, which reflects TDi’s role as principal MUGEN parts distributor and stockist for the performance aftermarket.

TDi’s expertise with stand alone engine management systems is well known and for the 2010 Autosport show the company is delighted to premier the new SIVEC high performance engine management system. SIVEC is a new entry into the ECU market, but is highly technically capable and cost competitive for a wide variety of applications. Please enquire at the TDi stand for more details.

Add to that, a gorgeous MOMO liveried Nissan Group C racecar, plus an immaculate, show standard, highly modified Escort Cosworth with 450bhp at the hubs and you have a display that reflects the diversity of TDi’s expertise and capabilities.

We look forward to helping you achieve your automotive performance goals during 2010 and welcome you to Autosport International, stand number 19172


August 2009:

TDI plc launches Mugen ‘GP’ light weight forged alloy wheels for Honda Civic Type R, Accord and S2000 models.

New Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X ultra lightweight chrome alloy flywheel and sports clutch kits from TODA Racing

FN2 Honda Civic Type R ‘Anti G’ baffled sump released from TODA Racing.

June 2009:

Torque Developments International act as consultants to Essex Police on matters regarding high performance vehicle modifications.

May 2009:

Torque Developments International have been appointed as distributors for Zircotec thermal barrier coatings. Please review their web site at www.zircotec.com to see the range coatings available.

We have used Zircotec coatings in our own racing applications, and of course they are used at the very highest levels of motorsport and the nuclear industry. The coatings are used to manage heat for improved performance and to protect sensitive components.

We are the hub that trade and retail clients send the components to for processing and forwarding to Zircotec.

April 2009:

Torque Developments International and Hoffmans continue the legend. The brand new Lotus Europa prepared by Hoffmans and Torque Developments International scooped 1st place on it’s inaugural race at Silverstone in the Lotus on Track trophy series.

Although the Europa had only just been completed and had not benefited from sufficient testing, Hoffmans’ Chris Randall battled to victory to keep up the tradition of the original Europa’ maiden racing win.

Torque developments International is proud to have been chosen as Technical partner on this project, and pleased to have contributed to it’s first racing victory.

A full blog of the car can be see at  http://www.hofmannsofhenley.co.uk/content/index.asp?id=63

April 2009:

Torque Developments International is sponsoring a charity drive though Mongolia on behalf of Mongolian orphans. Please learn more at http://www.charityrallies.org

April 2009:

After a successful 2008 season, Torque Developments International is re-selected as the official power validator for the Lotus On Track racing challenge.

All entrants must be tested and certified on our Rototest chassis dynamometer for conformity with the regulations.

April 2009:

Torque Developments International announces their appointment as official UK Mugen dealer.

Mugen is synonymous with the very highest level of Honda tuning, and is one of the most respected Japanese brands in the world.

Torque Developments International will distribute, install and calibrate all Mugen high performance and racing components.

December 2008:

Torque Developments International will be exhibiting on stand number 18360 at the Autosport Show in Birmingham in January.

September 2008:

Torque Developments International delivers a podium finish at the Silverstone Britcar 24 Hour race.

Xtreme Motorsport had previously contracted Torque Developments International to correct and calibrate a badly installed ECU solution on a new BMW 1 Series car that had been built specifically for the Britcar race series.

The car had been at the ECU manufacturers head quarters for months without being resolved. We identified and corrected several wiring mistakes and had the car finished and tuned within three days.

The Xtreme Motorsport BMW driven by James Thorpe and others, tested, qualified and competed over the 3 days to come 3rd in class against some very stiff opposition. Our Workshop Manager deployed his knowledge and skill to resolve several issues on the car which would have otherwise prevented the car from finishing the race.

Mr Gary Gee of Xtreme Motorsport commented “I have been in the motorsport industry for many years, and I am very impressed with the level of technical skills, professionalism and the ability to deliver results of Torque Developments International and it’s staff. If it were not for them we would not have even finished the race, let alone get a podium position”.

September 2008:

Performance Ford magazine chooses Torque Developments International to test the effects on power and torque of a Quaiffe straight cut gearbox.

The magazine correctly identified that the combination of our Rototest chassis dynamometer and air managed test cell is among the only facilities in the UK that can confidently record accurate and repeatable small changes in torque.

The magazine in on sale now.

August 2008:

Torque Developments International invest in new equipment to support it’s race track support and performance evaluation services.

The Race Logic V Box is a very effective tool for analysing chassis dynamics and driver performance, and becomes part of the support infrastructure for our Motorsport services department.

August 2008:

Torque Developments International became the first Tuner in the UK to gain the world wide recognised ISO 9001 accreditation.

ISO 9001 is an international standard of quality management and quality service which we are confident will bring added value to our clients.

August 2008:

NEC Europe has appointed Torque Developments International to distribute it’s new ShieldPro tough top notebook to the Motorsport and automotive aftermarket industries. This is a remarkably tough machine that is ideal for harsh environments such as race tracks and workshops. An advertorial video can be seen at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIU2Gq6JKHI

July 2008:

Torque Developments International complete the development of bio fuel technology for high performance road and race cars, which we are now offering as conversions to industry and the general public.

Bio fuel has significant advantages over carbon fuel, such as higher octane for better performance, lower cylinder temperatures for improved engine reliability, more cost effective etc.

A bio fuelled high power Subaru Impreza has been prepared for next seasons Time Attack rce series.

July 2008:

Torque Developments International in conjunction with Toyo Tyres and Great Ormond Street Childrens Hospital, hosted a dyno day for the Kent division of the Subaru Impreza Drivers Club.

A very enjoyable day was had by all, and the ever enthusiastic Impreza owners received real value from using one of the UK’s best dyno facilities and were delighted that all proceeds went to the charity for sick children. Banzai magazine were in attendance to run an editorial feature.

June 2008:

Torque Developments International complete a re-branding exercise. The original logos and marketing material had been in existence for approximately 20 years and were well over due for a refresh. Managing Director Mark Catchpole says that the new contemporary branding which incorporates the scientific symbol for Torque, is more appropriate for the companys capabilities and direction. New advertisements and a stronger marketing campaign accompany the launch.

May 2008:

Torque Developments International is now offering free Chassis Dynamics evaluations in addition to it’s very popular free Dyno days to car clubs. Any voluntary proceeds are donated to Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital.

Car clubs will receive a corner weight check, Dynamic Index calculation, measurement of 36 geometry angles and a consultation with our Prodrive certified Chassis Dynamicist to a determine how any chassis improvements can be derived.

Torque Developments International hope that this will be a popular and useful service to car enthusiasts, and be beneficial to a very worthy charity.

April 2008:

Torque Developments International launch a new blog on it’s web site which can be seen at https://www.tdi-plc.com/blog/

We will endeavour to post anything of significance or interest in there.

April 2008:

Torque Developments International have embedded three technical white papers into the Dyno information page of the web site which can be seen at our [ dyno cam page

The will enable engineering students and those with an interest in technical issues to have a clearer understanding of the differentiation between chassis dynamometers, and the influential factors relating to transmission losses.

March 2008:

Torque Developments International takes delivery of the new Rototest chassis dynamometer upgrade.

The upgrade is now capable of holding 4600Nm / 1475hp at the hubs indefinitely in steady state testing mode.

This means that TDI now has the most accurate and highest torque handling chassis dyno in the UK.

March 2008:

Torque Developments International are very proud to announce that we have been appointed the UK’s first Authorised Fitting Centre for Quaife automatic torque biasing (ATB) limited slip differentials (LSD’s).

March 2008:

Torque Developments International is now offering free dyno days to car clubs.

Although we will be hosting the full day events completely free of charge, we hope that the organisers can arrange for any voluntary donations to be sent to the Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital to help continue their worthy cause.

March 2008:

TDI becomes a corporate member of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE).

SAE is the worlds foremost defining authority for advancing the engineering of mobility systems in the Aerospace and Automotive industries.

February 2008:

Torque Developments International (TDI) has been chosen by the GT Cup race series (www.gtcup.co.uk), as strategic partners for performance evaluation of the competing cars throughout the season.

Using our Rototest hub mounted chassis dynamometer which eliminates all tyre related issues and errors, we will test the power and torque of each car prior to the start of the season, and randomly at track venues.

We are delighted to be associated with the series, and hope to provide real value to the organisers and individual competitors.

January 2008:

TDi are exhibiting at the Autosport Show at the Birmingham NEC in January. We will be in the Piston heads hall on stand number 12760

December 2007:

TDI have been selected to validate the power of each car for the Lotus Elise Challenge race series in 2008.

December 2007:

TDI joins the Motorsport Industry Association (MIA), who are responsible for the Motorsport Academy, Motorsport Foundation and various motorsport related activities, and have a code of practice for the conduct of it’s members.

October 2007:

TDI North takes European Record
Paul Jones of TDI North took the turbocharged Honda Civic Type R to Shakespeare County Raceway recently for the Jap racer series and managed 2 10 second runs, beating the previous held fastest in class record even though the track was damp.

A video can be seen at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hgweQp1Y2Qo

October 2007:

Our Managing Director is invited to lecture to the Institute of Motoring Industries (IMI). Other recent lecturers are representatives from Prodrive and Rolls Royce.

Two other landmarks are accomplished: The words first Rotrex/Antanov two speed supercharged Lexus IS200 is completed, which also happens to be the worlds most powerful iS200 still using the original engine configuration.

September 2007:

We have created a page on Youtube where we will upload video’s of any interest.

Please take a look at http://www.youtube.com/TorqueDevelopments

September 2007:

We are pleased to announce that we have implemented a 30% increase in production capabilities which we hope will reduce the waiting times for booking into our workshop.

We have also introduced a new tiered workshop charging structure which we hope will make our services affordable to more people. Please see [ services ] for details.

June 2007:

We are very proud to announce Cosworth has chosen TDI as a Strategic Partner to distribute their legendary range of high performance engine components.

June 2007:

TDI takes delivery of the top of the range John Bean Arago V3D suspension calibration equipment.

This system is unique in using triangulating self synchronising digital cameras and automatic height indexing technology, and is capable of measuring every suspension angle on the car and checking the chassis squareness.

Having previously undertaken the Prodrive Chassis Dynamics training programme which provides us with a thorough understanding of the whole concept of Chassis Dynamics (normally only available within the worlds of F1, WRC etc and Automotive Design Engineering), and of course becoming involved with Tony Bones of Wheels-inmotion, we are now very proud to be able to offer you the following services:

1. Chassis Dynamics consultancy for road and race applications.
2. Full geometry measurement and calibration for road and race applications
3. Dynamic Index measurement
4. Corner weight measurement and optimisation.
5. Full chassis frame check

There is no increase in our normal charge out rate for this service, even though the standard of capabilities being offered are extremely rare.

November 2006:

Torque Developments International (TDi) are the 1st company in the aftermarket tuning industry to gain the Automotive Technician Accreditation qualification, which is a UK industry standard of Technician competence.

November 2006:

TDi North builds the most powerful Honda Civic Type R in the UK, having 604hp.

September 2006:

The TDi Engineering & Technical Manager successfully completes the Prodrive Vehicle Dynamics training course, and passed the examination with previously unsurpassed results. The subject of Vehicle Dynamics is an all encompassing area that covers a comprehensive in- depth analysis of everything from geometry to tyre selection, dynamic index, inertia matching, spring and damper rates, anti roll bar rates, differential types and corner weights etc. Basically it deals with everything that influences how a car moves, behaves and is influenced by internal and external factors.

September 2006:

Three TDi technicians attain the EFi University "101" and "Advanced" accreditation, which encompasses a very high degree of understanding of engine management calibration.

May 2006:

Torque Developments International (TDi) are appointed official Distributors for Cosworth Racing.

May 2006:

Torque Developments International (TDi) makes it's Rototest dyno facilities to self tuners, tuning companies and race teams who want to undertake dyno testing procedures themselves in a professional environment.

April 2006:

Torque Developments International (TDi) engage in a joint venture with Wheels In Motion
(www.wheels-inmotion.co.uk) to create the UK’s first dedicated vehicle dynamics company, web site and forum.

March 2006:

As the Distributors for Toda Racing, Torque Developments international (TDi) launch the new web site www.toda-europe.com for on-line shopping of this superb range of products.

March 2006:

TDi North has it's 4 wheel drive rolling road upgraded with the latest software and the power handling capacity increased to 1600hp at the wheels.

October 2005:

Paul Jones of TDi North has won the Jap Race Series Championship (front wheel drive class) in his Toda Racing modified Civic Type R

August 2005:

Torque Developments International (TDi) open a brand new purpose built premises in a prime location near the Lakeside shopping Centre in Thurrock, Essex. Among the enhanced facilities are a state of the art dynamometer test cell.

May 2005:

TDi North is established as a new facility in Warrington, Cheshire to service customers in the North of England. TDi becomes the first tuning company in the UK to offer it's services in multiple locations.

April 2005:

TDi becomes the first tuning company in the UK to purchase a Rototest hub mounted dynamometer for R&D and tuning purposes. Rototest are considered to be the best dyno’s available (www.rototest.com).

March 2005:

Torque Developments International (TDi) are the first tuning company in the UK to provide Freephone 0800 phone numbers for it's clients.



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