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Rototest Dyno Information Page

Torque Developments International are the appointed UK demonstration centre for the Rototest VPA-R chassis dynamometer system.

For the technically conscious, please download these PDF white paper documents which provide explanations of transmission losses and accurate performance testing.

Transmission Losses
Performance Testing Part 1
Performance Testing Part 2
Transmission Losses
Performance Testing Part 1
Performance Testing Part 2

Synergising with our culture of constant improvement and leading the way in vehicle tuning, we have acquired our most significant piece of hardware to date; the Rototest VPA-R chassis dynamometer. This notably exclusive equipment was identified as being the only solution for us in terms of repeatability and accuracy to scientific standards, which will enable us to continue our research and development and to deliver service excellence well into the future.

porsche dyno        porsche dyno

In keeping with the TDi culture of pioneering, we have had a chassis dyno at our premises from day one, and we were actually the first tuning company in the UK to possess a 4 wheel drive chassis dyno.

TDi was the first tuning company in the UK to use the Rototest VPA-R and provide comprehensive scientific quality testing methodologies to the general public, which until then has been the sole reserve of Tier 1 manufacturers and well funded race teams such as Cosworth, Penske Racing, Andretti, Opel, Mercedes Benz, Chrysler, Shell etc.

Rototest is the only hub mounted chassis dyno that actually measures torque as opposed to calculating (or estimating) the figures. For this reason, the Rototest is also the only hub mounted dyno that can be accurately and regularly calibrated.

Rototest actually invented the hub mounted dyno system and held the patent for this design. Being directly bolted to the wheel hubs, all issues, difficulties and inaccuracies associated with the suspension camber and toe calibration, tyre slip and carcass deformation, changes in temperature/pressure and the danger of explosion etc are all completely eradicated. There is also an important consideration concerning the potential for undetected tyre damage caused by rolling roads. These are the reasons why we do not use a “rolling road”

The Rototest dyno has superior control over any other type of dyno that we have seen. Not only is it able to vary the load by extremely small increments and ramp rates, it can also hold the vehicle at a predetermined rpm set by the operator regardless of throttle position. This allows the operator to have total control of the engine which means that we are able to accurately map and tune cars to the degree that no other chassis dyno allows. Both steady state and constant load testing can be accomplished with confidence, and the results can be corrected to any universally accepted scientific standard.

The Rototest Data Acquisition Centre is without doubt one of the most sophisticated and comprehensive scientific quality monitoring systems available anywhere. This allows us to monitor and capture data in real time and record all of the crucial information flowing from the engine, which ultimately provides confidence in our ability to deliver the expected outcome of an accurately calibrated engine.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that where as there are several dyno's that have been bought recently by competitors, many have little or no previous experience with using them. TDi have had a dyno since the company was formed in 1985 and so have considerably more dyno experience than any other tuner in the UK.


Cick [here] to visit the Rototest website


Below, you can see the dyno room, LIVE with sound.

The Dyno Room Cam is on a motion sensor, so if the screen to your right is blank, then you will have to check back later when a dyno is live!

This is an industry first, and we hope you enjoying viewing what you see !!

Please note that the dyno cam can only be viewed with Internet Explorer

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