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About Us

The UK’s Flagship Tuning Company.
Torque Developments was established in around 1984 as a specialist automotive engineering operation to fulfil a demand for a high level of technical and practical expertise within the racing and high performance road car sectors.

In Pole Position.
Some notable industry firsts are:

  • The 1st (and still only) Tuner in the UK to attain ISO9001 accreditation
  • The 1st Tuner in the UK to gain Automotive Technician Accreditation
  • The 1st Tuner in the UK to gain EFI University Advanced Certification
  • The 1st Tuner in the UK to gain Prodrive Chassis Dynamics Certification
  • The 1st (and still only) tuner in the UK to acquire PLC status
  • The 1st Tuner in the UK to have a 4wd rolling road.
  • The 1st tuner in the UK to install a scientific quality Rototest chassis dyno
  • The 1st tuner in the UK to offer facilities in multiple locations
  • The 1st (and still only) tuner in the UK to offer freephone 0800 facilities
  • The 1st Tuner in the UK to modify Japanese cars
  • No1 in the industry in terms of net worth

A Robust and Successful Business Model.
We acquired PLC status in the mid 1990’s to differentiate ourselves from other companies in our sector and provide an additional layer of confidence to our clients. Even today we remain the only company of this stature, but our corporate strength, professionalism and adoption of ISO9001 standards underlies our culture of being a friendly and approachable company to do business with.

We have a continued programme of capital resource deployment for re-investment in our business. This ensures that we have the very latest equipment and well trained staff to maintain our position as the UK’s flagship tuning company.

Outstanding Capabilities.
From inception we were developing innovative products that were entirely new to the market.

We use only the very best and latest equipment, and employ a skilled and motivated team who are trained and experienced at the highest levels of Motorsport. These levels of capabilities are quite rare outside of very highly funded structures, so it is with great pride that we can offer them to the general public at affordable prices.

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Market Leading Vision
From inception we were developing innovative products that were entirely new to the market, and even today we are often the first business to approach new opportunities and face new challenges in the fast changing world of Motorsport.

Effective and Efficient Supplier.
As a major brand distributor, we have one of the largest sub dealer network supply chains in the industry and a highly regarded credibility status. We also undertake major advertising campaigns to proliferate high quality brands and services to the public. We do not offer any brands or products that we do not endorse or recommend because we value our long term reputation greater than any short term profits.

Corporate Social Responsibility.

Our staff have elected to tithe a proportion of our profits to charitable causes to help those less fortunate than ourselves.

Terms & Conditions.

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